Preventative Maintenance

For the comprehensive auto maintenance Flagstaff drivers trust most, you need University Auto Repair. If you are looking for a way to avoid unexpected breakdowns and lower the high cost of driving your car, look no further than preventative maintenance. The preventative maintenance schedule printed in the back of your owner’s manual is more than a recommendation – it is a guideline that can help your vehicle last longer and reduce the risk of an untimely repair.

Preventative Auto Maintenance Flagstaff AZ

It does not matter what kind of vehicle you drive or how long you have owned it. Following the recommended preventative maintenance schedule is the number one thing you can do to extend the life of your car.

Preventative Auto Maintenance Flagstaff, AZ

If the vehicle you drive was purchased as a used car, knowing its maintenance history can be pretty tough. The former owner may have given you some idea of how the vehicle was maintained, but even that information can be incomplete.

You cannot make up for past maintenance lapses, but you can give your vehicle a fresh start by following the recommended preventative maintenance schedule going forward. At University Auto Repair in Flagstaff, AZ, we can do a multi-point check on your vehicle, then design a preventative maintenance schedule just for you.

Lowering the Cost of Driving

It is easy to skip a piece of preventative maintenance, especially when cash is tight and your car is running fine. It may be tempting to skip that next oil change or put off that coolant system flush, but that procrastination could prove counterproductive and expensive.

In the end, following the preventative maintenance schedule recommended by your car’s manufacturer will actually save you money. By reducing the cost of driving and helping you avoid an unexpected breakdown, you could actually save a ton of money.

Check Your Vehicle Carefully

Getting those oil changes and other preventative maintenance services is essential, but so is using your own eyes and ears. You should have your oil changed at the recommended intervals, but do not forget to check the oil level between changes.

If you do notice drops of oil on the garage floor or a low level on your dipstick, the automotive experts at University Auto Repair can help you with the repairs you need. Keeping your eyes and ears open and knowing what to look for can extend the life of your car even further and save you even more money in the long run.

Auto Maintenance Near Me

No matter what kind of car you drive, there is no substitute for preventative maintenance. Getting those oil changes and following the recommended schedule is the best way to protect your investment and reduce the high cost of driving.


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