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Oil Change Flagstaff AZWhen it comes time for an oil change in Flagstaff, AZ, nobody can beat the quality or value you will find at University Auto Repair. Your car will need many types of service over the many years you own it. Whether the vehicle you drive just came off the lot or rolled off the assembly line decades ago, the right care and maintenance can make a world of difference in how long your vehicle lasts and how much it costs to keep it on the road.

While every type of service you schedule, from regular tune-ups to transmission fluid changes, is important, there is one type of service that is more important than the rest. That service is the humble oil change, a vital requirement for a healthy engine and a long vehicle life.

Oil Change Flagstaff, AZ

To understand why something as seemingly simple as an oil change is so vitally important, you first need to know what oil actually does. The oil you pour into your vehicle lubricates the delicate moving parts inside the engine, and without that lubrication those parts will quickly break down.

The lubrication the oil provides the engine is vital, but even the highest quality oil will not last forever. As the oil does its job, it picks up small impurities and pieces of debris, reducing its ability to lubricate the aforementioned moving parts.

The Value of Regular Oil Changes

If you do not change your oil on a regular basis, the reduction in its lubricating properties can become quite pronounced. You may notice that your car no longer runs as smoothly as it once does, or that mysterious noises are happening under the hood.

By the time you detect those warning signs, it could be too late. The damage to your engine from worn out oil may have already been done, and you will be facing a big repair bill in short order.

Oil Change Near Me

Changing your oil on a regular basis is essential, but it is also important to use the right type of oil. The owner’s manual you received when you bought your car should specify the type of oil to be used, but it is important to talk to your mechanic and follow their recommendations.

At University Auto Care, our automotive experts can recommend the right oil for your vehicle, based on how you drive, where you drive, and a number of other factors. Knowing what kind of oil to use, changing the oil and filter at the recommended intervals, and heeding the recommendations of your mechanic can all help you extend the life of your car – and lower your costs in the process.

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