What Causes Poor Fuel Economy

If you’ve started to notice that your car isn’t getting the same gas mileage, it could be a result of a poor fuel economy. Gas is just another cost associated with vehicle ownership, so it’s important to find out why your car isn’t getting the miles per gallon that it should. There could be a number of causes for why you’re suddenly experiencing low fuel economy. Read on to learn more about the most common issues so you can get better fuel efficiency.

Your Fuel Injectors are Dirty

The fuel injectors in your engine spray gasoline into the cylinders. When the fuel is mixed with air, it is ignited, allowing your engine to move forward. When this system gets clogged over time, it can definitely lead to a drop in fuel efficiency. Have your fuel injectors cleaned and you should be able to remedy the problem.

Spark Plug Problems

Spark plugs are what ignite the fuel inside your engine’s combustion chamber. If the spark plugs are worn or dirty, it causes your engine to misfire. An engine misfire leads to poor engine performance, which also leads to poor fuel economy. Have your mechanic perform a tune-up or replace the spark plugs to see if this helps improve your overall gas mileage.

Your Tires are Out of Alignment

Tires with healthy tread will give you better handling and better fuel efficiency. If the tires are out of alignment, it can cause uneven tread wear. This will make every day driving less smooth and turning corners less tight. Misaligned tires can easily be fixed with a simple wheel alignment to prevent the problem.

You Have a Dirty Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor measures the state of exhaust gases when they leave the combustion chamber. This sensor provides data to your car’s onboard computer system, which then adjusts the amount of fuel needed to enter the engine. If the oxygen sensor is no longer working or dirty, it will definitely lead to a reduction in your miles per gallon. A dirty oxygen sensor could also lead to rougher driving, and you might even fail an emission test. Get it inspected, cleaned, or replaced for better fuel economy and driving.

There are many reasons why your car isn’t getting the gas mileage it should, and these are just a few. Always check with a professional mechanic who can help you diagnose the problem. Get regular preventative maintenance to help prevent expensive repairs and experience the best fuel economy possible.

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