What Car Brands are No Longer Made?

Consumers are a finicky lot, financial swings and aesthetic trends blowing preferences this way or that. So it goes with cars, 2019 seeing an uptick in crossovers and SUVs that offer more height off the road and roomier interiors. Not to mention, these once gas-guzzling vehicles have become increasingly fuel efficient. That said, collective mindset has shifted away from passenger vehicles and car manufacturers have taken note. So, here are the models no longer in production:

Ford Focus and Taurus

Once the most popular car in America, the Ford Taurus may have passed its golden youth. With large cars falling out of favor even faster than compact ones, Ford has succumbed to public pressure and given up on this roomy sedan. Most consumers find the Ford F-150 more attractive, and dropping the compact Focus to deliver a more refined truck to buyers, this carmaker has clearly chosen sides.

Chevrolet Cruze, Volt, Impala

Another compact sedan meeting its end, the Cruze will give way to more desirable SUVs. Also losing stamina with other hybrids (since gas has become affordable again), the Volt never reached Chevy’s expectations and will go by the wayside. Following market trends, this brand’s larger sedan, the Impala, once saw popularity on par with the Taurus but has now tinkered out of style.

Volkswagen Beetle and Touareg

Although the Touareg will still be sold overseas, Americans will no longer be offered this once-prized German auto. Instead, the retailer plans to focus on SUVs like the Atlas and Tiguan. The Beetle’s unique style made it an automotive icon, but plummeting sales have driven the carmaker in other directions.

Honda CR-Z

A late-comer to the hybrid market, the CR-Z could have fared better had it released a few years earlier. Like they say, timing is everything.

Ford C-Max

With a sad story that closely resembles the CR-Z, the Ford C-Max fell out of favor along with most hybrids.

Hyundai Azera

This luxury sedan never took hold, so the Korean company is calling it quits.

Nissan Juke

Nissan plans to nix the Juke in favor of another crossover, the Kicks.

Toyota Prius V

The larger version of the popular Prius, the V hasn’t seen new manufacturing since 2017.

Cadillac ATS, CT6 and XTS

Luxury sedans have an uphill climb, since anyone with the funds to buy them has opted for larger crossovers or SUVs. Also, more popular luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes, have dominated this niche market. 

Looking Ahead

If your favorite has hit the chopping block, fear not. Automakers often bring old models back, as you can see with Ford’s recent revival of the Ranger.

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