What Are the Warning Signs of Transmission Troubles to Come?

Flagstaff area car owners rely on their vehicles more than drivers in many other parts of the country. While many parts of the nation are blessed with robust public transportation and relatively small spaces, the greater Flagstaff area is wide open and enormous in scope.

That means Flagstaff area residents need reliable transportation, and they cannot afford to have an undetected transmission problem leave them stranded by the side of the road. The transmission is a complicated set of components, and the failure of a single one could spell big trouble for you and your wallet.

The good news is that transmission problems rarely come out of nowhere. If you know what to look for, you can have your transmission diagnosed now, when the issues are relatively small. Here are some warning signs that could save your transmission – and the vehicle you drive.

Discolored Fluid

You should check your transmission fluid on a regular basis, like every time you get gas. When you pull the dipstick, take a good look at the fluid.

The transmission fluid should be bright red in color, with no black or brown flecks. If the fluid is discolored, or if there are flecks of metal mixed in, it is time to get a diagnosis.

Persistent Leaks

The fluid in your transmission should remain at a steady level. A reduction in the fluid level could indicate a leak. If you think your transmission is leaking, it is important to find its source right away.

A small transmission leak will not stay small for long, and the sooner you address it the better. Having that leak fixed could save your transmission -and save you a lot of money.

A Strong Odor

The way your transmission fluid smells can tell you a great deal about its internal operation. Hold the dipstick up to your nose and take a long whiff – the fluid should smell fresh and clean, not burnt.

If you notice a burnt odor, it is time to have your transmission checked. A burnt odor is often the first sign of trouble, and it is a symptom you should never ignore.

Strange Noises

Last but not least, strange noises should also be cause for concern. If your vehicle makes noise when you shift gears, your transmission could be starting to fail.

You should never ignore those transmission noises, even if they seem small. It is better to have your transmission problem evaluated now, when there is still time to do something about it.

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