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How To Drain Transmission Fluid

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All drivers should drain their transmission fluid around every 30,000 miles. Follow our step-by-step instructions below if you wish to do this as your next DIY project.

Step 1. Locate The Transmission Dip Stick

  • Start by opening the hood of the car and locating the two dipsticks.
  • One dipstick is for motor oil and the other is for transmission fluid.
  • “TRANS” or “ATF” will be how the transmission fluid dipstick is labeled.
  • If this is not labeled, look for the color red as opposed to yellow for the motor oil dipstick.
  • Motor oil is colored brown or amber and the transmission fluid will be gold or red.
  • Your transmission pan will be located under the car on the same side as the dipstick.

Step 2. Raise The Car

  • Car jacks or drive-on ramps can be utilized to raise your car at this time.
  • This allows easier access to the car’s underside.
  • Make sure to follow all recommended safety procedures.

Step 3. Find Transmission Pan And Drain Plug

  • Slide under your car using a mat in order to locate the transmission pan.
  • The location will be based on where the dipstick is ultimately located.
  • Find your drain plug, as it will typically be a nut configuration.
  • Use a wrench to turn the plug.
  • Have an allen wrench on hand for this step.

Step 4. Drain The Fluid

  • Position the drain pan directly below the plug.
  • Remove your plug and place it aside.
  • Prepare yourself for the immediate flow of the fluid.
  • Try to avoid having any fluid pour down your arm.
  • Allow the fluid to slowly drain to a slight drip.
  • Replace the plug while making sure not to over torque the nut.
  • Lower the car as you ready to refill the transmission fluid.

Step 5. Replace The Transmission Fluid

  • Remove the transmission fluid dipstick and insert the transmission funnel at this time.
  • These funnels feature an extra-long spout.
  • It’s recommended to add 3 to 4 quarts of the transmission fluid.
  • Start your car with your foot on the brake shit through all the gears.
  • Go from reverse all the way to the parked position.
  • Check your fluid level with the dipstick while the car is idling in park.

Step 6. Recycle Properly

  • DO NOT pour or dispose of the used transmission fluid in the street or soil.
  • The fluid must be taken to a recycling facility for proper disposal.
  • Transfer the fluid to sealable gallon containers.
  • Washed out plastic milk jugs, for instance, work well for this task.

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