Why Is My Car’s Engine Running Hot Constantly?

If your automobile is overheating all the time, it’s important to bring it into our shop as soon as possible. Driving with a hot engine constantly not only damages the engine further but also opens you up to the risk of a blown radiator cap and total breakdown. In fact, if your engine gets too hot, the heat can actually crack the engine block. University Auto Repair lists common reasons why an engine overheats constantly below.

Coolant Problems

There are a number of things that can happen with your engine coolant that will cause the engine to overheat. If the coolant is too low, dirty, or old, replacing it might solve the problem, but we need to find out why the coolant is low first. You may have a coolant leak somewhere in the system. Another coolant problem that will cause the engine to overheat is the wrong type of coolant in the engine or the incorrect mixture of coolant and water.

Dirty Cooling System

Your cooling system can get dirty if you don’t have it flushed regularly. This service should be done every 30,000 miles. Dirt and sediment can clog the cooling system and prevent the flow of coolant through the engine. This, naturally, will cause the engine to overheat.

Malfunctioning System Parts

You might have a malfunction in one of the cooling system parts. This includes the thermostat, which releases the engine coolant once the engine starts to get hot; the water pump, which pushes the coolant through the engine; the radiator fans, which help the radiator cool off the hot engine coolant; or leaking hoses, gaskets, seals, or a leaking radiator.

Rusted Radiator

One thing that will make your radiator leak is rust. If you drive an older automobile, it’s possible the sediment has settled on the bottom of the radiator and is corroding it. Once the rust eats through the metal, you will have a coolant leak on your garage floor. In some cases, the coolant may look orange because of the rust that is in it. It’s also possible that your radiator is clogged or the radiator vents are clogged.

Other Issues

Finally, other issues such as low or dirty motor oil, an overheating fuel pump, a problem with the exhaust system, or a blown head gasket will all cause your engine to overheat constantly. It’s important to have your vehicle inspected to find out the exact reason why the engine is running too hot.

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