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How Much Does A Car Tune Up Cost?

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The average car tune up costs $500, with prices ranging between $200-$800. Car tune ups are typically done as part of routinely scheduled maintenance on a vehicle. The process of the tune up will change depending on the car’s make, model, mileage, and age. Generally, tune ups involve replacing the air filter, a computer diagnostics check, and inspection of the spark plug wires, engine components, and the fuel filter.

How Much Does A Tune Up Cost For A Car?

Tune up costs will often start around $40-$150 for a minimal tune up, according to CostHelper. More intensive tune ups will cost between $200-$800 total. These tune ups will include a replacement of the spark plugs and wires, distributor cap, PVC valve, air filter, and rotor. A computer diagnosis of the ignition, emission system, and fuel will be included, as well.

The overall cost will depend on any parts needed and the hourly labor rates. In general, hourly rates usually run between $40-$150. Older cars with 90,000-120,000 miles can cost up to $1,200 for tune up services.

Here is a look at the average car tune up costs:

  • Lowest Cost: $200.
  • Average Cost: $500.
  • Highest Cost: $800.

*These are cost estimates. Contact the team at University Auto Repair for more information.

What Is Included In A Car Tune Up?

Start by taking a look at the owner’s manual for the make, model, and year of your vehicle to see which maintenance needs are required. Each and every car has a schedule of suggested and required maintenance needs. This will be based on both the car’s mileage and age.

There are a few noticeable signs indicating that you’ll need a tune up in the near future. These signs include engine knocking, a stalling engine, or a check engine light that remains on.

How Long Does A Tune Up Take?

The average vehicle tune up will take between 2-4 hours to complete. Most vehicles will need spark plug replacements during this service. The majority of repair shops will perform a diagnostics test to see if a full tune up is needed at this time.

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