Why Does My Car Shake At 60 MPH?

If there is something wrong with your car, chances are it will begin to shake before it reaches 60 miles-per-hour. You might not have noticed the vibration until the higher speed, however, because it increased with velocity. We here at University Auto Care want to caution you. Don’t drive your car for long without having it inspected if it begins to vibrate at higher speeds. The vibration or its cause could damage your vehicle or you might get into an accident.

Your Tires Could Be the Issue

One common cause that makes vehicles vibrate at 60 miles-per-hour is tires, and this makes perfect sense if you think about it. When the rubber hits the road, it must be able to cling to it to prevent vehicle control loss. If your tires are worn, underinflated, or otherwise compromised, they’ll lose their grip on the road and the vehicle will vibrate. The faster you go the less traction you have, and your car will also shake if it isn’t balanced or aligned properly. If you notice the vibration begins at about 50 miles-per-hour, it might be a tire issue.

Brakes Might Also Be of Concern

Your brakes can also cause your vehicle to vibrate at 60 miles-per-hour. You might think you’d only feel the vibration when you tap on the brake pedal, but if your rotors are not rounded properly or the calipers are sticking, they can make the tires shake at higher speeds. In this case, you won’t necessarily feel your entire vehicle vibrate. Rather, your brake pedal and/or steering wheel will shake. As mentioned, this might happen when you apply the brakes or while you drive. One clear sign it’s the calipers is if you notice a burning odor when you brake the vehicle.

Engine Trouble

Finally, your car might shake at 60 miles-per-hour due to engine trouble. Usually, this means you have sparks plugs misfiring and it isn’t so much that your vehicle is shaking rather than lurching and trying to stall. If your transmission is in need of maintenance or repair, it, too, can create a bumpy ride. Other signs of transmission trouble include grinding, missed, or slipping gears. If any part of the vehicle’s emissions system is worn down, the car might shake and your check engine light should illuminate on the dashboard.

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