Auto Care And Driving Tips for Your Wallet And The Environment

As a motorist, there’s a certain level of responsibility that you have for yourself, your passengers, and other drivers on the road in terms of safety. But what about other things like contributing to a healthier environment, or saving some money for yourself? With a combination of regular auto maintenance and good driving habits, you can make the environment greener as well as your wallet. Check out these helpful tips so you can improve your driving habits in no time.

Take Care of Your Engine

Not only will a distressed engine cause you headaches, but it can also cost you money. Perform a few regular, simple tasks to ensure that your engine is running to its optimum capacity. With regular fluid and filter replacements, your car can reduce its total environmental impact. As for your budget, preventative maintenance ahead of time can certainly save you a ton of money on costly repairs.

Be a Good Environmental Steward

If you like to work on your own car, there are some things you can do to minimize stress on the environment. Always dispose of dangerous items like batteries and engine fluids properly according to your local guidelines. Never dump oil or other fluids into the ground or water. If you’re not sure how to dispose of things properly, contact your local repair facility or your city for more information. Get regular emissions tests so you’re sure that your vehicle is not spewing out toxic fumes from the exhaust system.

Give Your Tires Some TLC

When it comes to good fuel economy, your tires play a very important role. Make sure your air pressure is at the correct levels so your car isn’t being forced to work harder, thus burning up more fuel. Misaligned tires can also make your car work harder, so get them balanced and aligned for better overall performance. As for your wallet, proper tire maintenance can prevent the worry of a blowout and the need for an expensive replacement.

Drive Responsibly

Driving habits actually play quite a big role in terms of environmental distress. When you speed or make any sudden accelerations, you’re guzzling more gas along with creating more wear and tear on the engine. By slowing down and avoiding fast acceleration, you can save on gasoline and reduce excess emissions. You’ll also save your wallet by reducing the amount of wear your engine has to deal with on a regular basis. Try using cruise control on long trips and anticipate the flow of traffic ahead so you can gradually slow down.

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